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Roger Uttley after the Clock to the Rock 2016:


"It's amazing how far you can travel on a bike! Even more so when you are in the company of like minded individuals who are up for a challenge.


The ROTL C2R 2016 was my fourth and longest ride to date. It was another great sporting and life affirming experience. I was able to ride in the company of some old friends and to make a whole heap of new acquaintances. The distance alone made it physically and mentally demanding. Adding in the varied terrain and weather just put the icing on the cake!


Why take on something like this? Why not? It is all too easy nowadays to sit and watch others "do" things. Much better surely to go out and have a go yourself. I can't run around anymore  but I still enjoy being active, riding my bike and being part of a team with the Ride of the Lions "the spirit of rugby on a bike." Can't recommend it highly enough - come and join us for the next one!"



Craig Chalmers after the Clock to the Rock 2016:


“What a great trip! The camaraderie of the riders and the cause we are riding for makes all the aches and pains worthwhile!”



Mike Teague after the Waterloo 200 2015:


“Another superb if exhausting trip with the ROTL team but as ever it was great to be part of it!”



Dean Richards after the Waterloo 200 2015:


“I may not be built for cycling but it was a pleasure to join the team for this great event and to suffer for such a great cause - the WWTW beneficiaries are an inspiration to us all!”



Roger Uttley after ROTL 2013: 


Following the Ride of the Lions Australia 2013, Uttley commented: "I should just add my thanks to you all for your companionship.


"I have been very fortunate in my life to have had some great times through sport. Without a shadow of a doubt the ROTL2013 ranks up there with the best.


"The physical challenge of riding that distance, the organisation to get us there and the craic in general, amongst a crowd of guys most of whom were strangers to one another at the start of the journey, was simply brilliant."



Amanda Fuge after ROTL The Triple Crown:


"What an incredible week made all the more memorable by a bunch of brilliant people. Some words to sum up one of the best weeks I've ever had: belly laughs, comrade, new friends, team bonding, challenges, getting fitter, personal records,  fun nights, great food, huge support, perfectly organised. Thank you so much ROTL team, bring on next year!!"



Rob Henderson after ROTL The Triple Crown:


"Having played rugby at the highest level, and growing older in years, I never thought I would have another opportunity to test myself physically and wrong I was!!


The Ride of the Lions 2014 was one of the most gruelling and fun filled experiences I have ever had the pleasure of doing and ranks alongside my achievements on a rugby field.


Fantastic event, organised magnificently and completed under duress!!!!


Can't wait for ROTL 2015!!"



Buck Shelford after ROTL NZ 2017 Ride of the Legends:


I have been  involved in some pretty tough rugby matches and understand the meaning of a team effort. The whole of the NZ 2017 Ride of the Legends was a massive team effort by both cyclists and the support personnel. It was a tough few days in the saddle but yet great fun. I was a non cyclist before the Ride of the Legends, now I am a convert to two wheels and can't wait for the next adventure… RWC in Japan 2019 maybe? 

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